Plein Air painting 2018 – the first one


This is the result of my first plain air session in 2018, in Munich near home @ Nymphenburg park. I am less brave than other collegues and in winter with snow and cold I don´t dare to paint outside, but as soon as we reach a +10° ( that is really still extremely cold when you stand 2 hours without moving so  much) with sunshine I am out 🙂

On Sunday i was not the only one in park and I have to admit I forgot during the wintertime how  much focus it takes to get something painted with an audience around and many many  curious kids that want to see what you are doing. There is no way to stop people curiosity, I believe painters are taken as a kind of “street art performers” and not only children feel free to interrupt, watch, asking questions  …

Let´s take it positively, art is cool, it has some magic embedded and i had a great time anyway.

I hope the REAL warm spring will come soon (and some green on the trees maybe too)



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