A Monday off

K800_IMG_0068(Edited) (2)

Thanks to the Easter holiday I could enjoy the day painting outside, the photo of the painting is the best i could do but, let´s say it´s just close to the original that is bit brighter in colors.(oil 30×24 cm)

The afternoon was fabulous and nearly warm and the water gave a very nice reflex of the buildings. Painting alone is funny because people just come and join you – today I had an old lady that spent a good half hour with me, watching me painting and telling me the story of her life ( it was a long one as she was i guess around 80 years old). It was even an interesting one , she travelled a lot and lived in several places of Germany and Italy where she had an house. Of the Italian period she was especially proud to have never slept with an Italian man…

Then I had a street artist ( singer) she would like to attend to the next casting show and more regular curious people, finally you are never alone painting in the city.

I hope you enjoy it.


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