very much Italy ( for me)


Here the last of the plein air painting done in Italy – the city is the same but the scene could happen in a lot ot Italian small towns in spring time. There is nothing really spectacular but I have my memories of “Italian living abroad” that makes it beautifuly to my eyes,  so that´s why I have chosen this spot.

The painting experience was also very Italian, It was afternoon and I was between a bar with icecreams & co and the window of a bikini shop… when I stated painting it was still too early for having people around, but at 16:00 the shops  opened and the world came out. It´s a proof of focus, like a shaolin monk, to paint in that confusion with comments, kids, icecreams, and all the possible humanity but I can say I didn´t enjoy it.

Usual 24×30 cm oil

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