Brother & Sister

It was a challenge, a double portrait, brother and sister, people never seen or met not even for a short time. It worked, at least from the positive reaction and the feedback I got from the parents… incredibly well.

I had to play a bit with fantasy and from the photos I received as possible reference, I created my story behind those characters and here a young lady and man with their dreams and ambitions for the future. I saw a lot of determination in those dark velvet eyes…that captured me fully while painting.

Who knows if I will ever meet them, I have to admit a bit of curiosity remains after having spent some hours in their company, it was a bit sad to say “goodbye” – this is a feeling I have especially when I do portrait that I need to give away.

So now it´s enough writing, good luck you two, take care and follow your dreams!

Oil on canvas 30×40 cm

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