Some weeks ago this little painting was shown in a group exhibition in Milan – theme was love and the work was done for this purpose.

Frankly speaking i could not imagine a romantic love picture therefore I went back to my memories and found and old photo which depicts strong friendships feelings with an impossible tight hug and smiling eyes

That is love for sure, without compromise and expectation – just lived in that moment of life where all is possible.

Oil on panel 30×30 cm

The lady’s portrait

It took a some time to me and my friend and colleague to come together for the portrait she asked me to paint for her 60th birthday…Finally we made it and we are both really happy about the result.

The challenge for me was to capture my model smart and funny spirit, knowing her in person pushed me even more…

Some of her friends commented the painting, telling her she looks like a lady. I fully agree with them with a small difference, she does not only look like – she is one and I am very thankful to her for the opportunity to have had her as a model.

So here she is oil on canvas ( about 60×70 cm)

Dogs and humans

Why do i paint dogs? Because i love their expression, their colors, the look into theirs eyes. There are no tricks or double meanings, they are just there with their emotion and feelings, ready to be with you.

Unluckily I don´t have my own dog, so models are taken by chance with me asking owners to take pictures on the street, or thanks to the good hearth of friends that provide me great references to work on.

Those portrait studies are a starting point, I want to work on this subject further, there is something in those animals that is more human than in most men and women around…it makes me love them even more.

Ah, it´s oil painting on paper.



A painting experiment, working on a photo not taken by me, from B&W into colors… I can´t resist chocolate not even in painting form, no other option than choosing this subject that i feel sooo close.

A big thank you to Raffaele Celentano for the beautiful shot that inspired this work – I ate so much chocolate ( real one ) after every painting session that is really good I finished it!

Oli on canvas 60×40 cm