Cafe’ Westend

Probably the last painting for 2019, inspired by a charming coffee shop in Vienna the Westend Cafe. I particularly enjoyed painting this subject from a random photo took last time I was in the city…the painting is freely inspired by the mood of a lazy wake up hours – there is a kind of promise in the morning hours when the day is open and in principle everything is still possible to happen…

The empty table is the expectations for something new to happen, the timeless place and people in the scene are witnessing the moment.

Oil on canvas 50×70 cm

Happy Easter flowers

For the Easter period I would like to share one of the last painting with flowers as subject ( oil on canvas)

I really like to paint especially tulips because they have strong lines, bright colors and leave a lot of possibilities and freedom in the drawing.

I could imagine every flower is a dancer and their choreography ‘in the vase’ a show

I hope you enjoy it.