The bike

Painting in the city again, summer light in Munich and me looking for a story to tell.

This is in front of the University, holiday period so just few students there…all very quiet

But the yellow bike is waiting for someone and patiently enjoy the sunshine,

Who will pick it up?

I didn’t discover it while painting, it remains to your imagination

Oil painting on panel 25×30 cm

en Plein air (and my love for it)

This small painting is one of the series created the first week of August in Munich during a fantastic painting workshop one week long.

For my usual rhythm to have an entire week for painting is a luxury and to be outside every day with the ambition to find a good spot and create an interesting painting is just a great pleasure.

This picture was “captured” in a sunny afternoon, the city not so busy already in summertime modus, a couple sitting at a CafĂ©, lazy sunshine…

Painting outside consists all in the ability to capture the atmosphere, it goes all very fast and it has to be this way: the light changes, the people sitting leave the table, doors can be opened and closed… It forces me to be spontaneous, to memorize people gestures which I like and I want in my painting – rarely they stay so long to be model.

But the best of all are the colors you see, this is the real reason for me to be such in love with plein air , so many suggestions comes from the place and the light, it can be replaced by anything else.

Oil on panel 30×30 – Munich workshop with Stefan Nuetzel organized by Akthof


Hot and sunny was the day in the city it was not so easy to find the right spot to place the easel and paint im shade.

The summer feeling in a warm city, I looked for some view representative of this moment. I found those yellow umbrellas on a building deck, a terrace too hot to be populated at that time of the day – up to the sky in competition with the sunshine.

Plein air 25x30cm painted with friends, a very nice memory (this painting will not be sold for any price).

The beach

From an Italian perspective (mine) the nord German beach landscape is really peculiar…even in high season all is relatively calm, the sun is not so hot, colors are light and fresh like the air of the Baltic sea…

It is even possible painting en plein air there during the day with few curious people only so I took the chance for a small 30x30cm oil painting

Hope you can feel a bit of fresh breeze

The traffic light and the old factory

Maybe because it’s home, maybe because it’s a slightly different subject, but i really enjoy to depict those urban landscapes.

The source of inspiration is Italy where it is not uncommon to find such dismissed small factories. In their “aged” status they fascinate me, broken windows shine more to my eyes and being my home town a lot of memories are liked to those views.

The traffic light, more visible as a shade, is obliquely standing on the sidewalk with limited changed to be repaired in a near future “he” doesn’t care and continues to rule on the street

Every sign of past battle won, is empowering its authority …

Oil on canvas 50x70cm

Early evening walk

This is the first painting of a series I am planning to do based mainly on photo reference and memories of the place.

I love those left side areas of the town where i come from…there is nothing pretty and the half used half abandoned industrial buildings seem to be the new owners.

Every scars and scratch is there to be seen but the warm light makes the miracle and a story can be told. The beauty appears to the eyes in the hinterland.

Oil on canvas 50×70 cm

Light and shade or my own infinity

I have not many words for this small oil painting (25x40cm), I loved the place and the light and the relaxed mood. The light and shade and the never ending view –

it reminds me poetry, Leopardi L’ infinito , the Infinity …

E il naufragar mi e’ dolce in questo mare’

Looking forward

The first small work of the year, inspired by a instant photo I took last year im Vienna. The reference is so small that it has the value of a memory, I loved to paint with such a few information, it was easier to come back to that moment and catch it – an afternoons at Donau.

For the rest I thank my great friend, oft more or less voluntary model

Oil on canvas 20×30 cm

Milano e i Navigli

One of the last painting ( oil on canvas 60x70cm), from a photo reference kindly provided by Raffaele Celentano and from my memories of the place.

The challenge was to transmit the impression of a place in Milano that I always particularly loved. The area is really lively, thanks to all the bar and restaurants there, still the charming side has to be found in this winter mood, slightly foggy, water in the channel and in the air.

The high season for the “Navigli” with tables outside the restaurants, full of chatting people is over, it remains Milano, with warm lights reflecting, smooth shapes, a city cold and warm at the same time, a bit shy maybe with a moderate elegance and a reserved attitude in sharing its feeling.

I hope you enjoy it.