The traffic light and the old factory

Maybe because it’s home, maybe because it’s a slightly different subject, but i really enjoy to depict those urban landscapes.

The source of inspiration is Italy where it is not uncommon to find such dismissed small factories. In their “aged” status they fascinate me, broken windows shine more to my eyes and being my home town a lot of memories are liked to those views.

The traffic light, more visible as a shade, is obliquely standing on the sidewalk with limited changed to be repaired in a near future “he” doesn’t care and continues to rule on the street

Every sign of past battle won, is empowering its authority …

Oil on canvas 50x70cm

Nothing spectacular

A fairly small plein air painting, created some weeks ago in a quiet Sunday afternoon in Munich (Amalienpassage). I am lately very much attracted by the silent beauty that can be found in usual places. Looking for a convenient spot to set my easel, those two geishas posters and the red of the ahorn šŸ looked so perfect, i just stopped and painted the harmony I felt in that moment.

The not so intense sunshine and the gray tones fascinated me.

Beauty is oft so close….to me a comforting certainty

(Oil on panel 24x30cm – posters are advertising a Sushi restaurant, the red tree is possibly not related)

Early evening walk

This is the first painting of a series I am planning to do based mainly on photo reference and memories of the place.

I love those left side areas of the town where i come from…there is nothing pretty and the half used half abandoned industrial buildings seem to be the new owners.

Every scars and scratch is there to be seen but the warm light makes the miracle and a story can be told. The beauty appears to the eyes in the hinterland.

Oil on canvas 50×70 cm

Botanikum or the lemon tree

K800_IMG_4486 (Bearbeitet)

My weekend work, probably one of the last sessions of the year for plein air painting, I visited a friend of mine in her Atelier in the greenhouse @Botanikum in Munich. This is really a nice area where atelier and greenhouses are together…while artists inside expressed their creativity, I was in the garden looking for a nice impression, enjoying the afternoon sunshine. I saw the blue and the yellow ( lemon tree) -that is pretty rare subject for outdoor painting – there was not really, the need to continue the research.

The result is the picture above, oil painting on canvas 33x40cm and a lovely day for me as immediate reward.

The lovely place

Just a couple of words to comment this plain air painting of last week. I was with a friend at a lake and before approaching it we just noticed this green beauty, she wanted me absolutely to paint the ducks but even if you look very carefully you will not find them ( maybe they are behind the wooden box?).

In the extremely hot day, it was just refreshing to look at the beautiful green tones and observing the fight of the light against the shade of the trees. It was fun even without ducks …

Format is a bit bigger than usual 30x40cm

The Door

This small oil panting (24×30 cm) was done in a Sunday and painted directly in front of the open door of the Akthof, an art school and atelier space in the mid of Munich.

The door stayed oped luckily for a a couple of hours for an art show and i had a could of hours where it was possible to observe the subject… then the rain came suddenly and i had to quickly pack all the equipment and finish the work with some phantasy later in the evening.

This place has a special meaning for me, entering there years ago was a decisive steps towards painting…thatĀ“s why probably a door open, a warm light inside and a girl coming in, is the story I saw behind this entrance.

The North ( Germany)

After several Italian landscapes, a trip to Northern Germany gave me the chance to change subject… the plan was to try several plein air paintings, I did not really succeed in it- too much wind and rain and cold… typical weather apparently, not “Italian painter friendly”

If something more will come from the NordSee experience it will be rigorously from photos !

24x30cm oil on canvas

very much Italy ( for me)


Here the last of the plein air painting done in Italy – the city is the same but the scene could happen in a lot ot Italian small towns in spring time. There is nothing really spectacular but I have my memories of “Italian living abroad” that makes it beautifuly to my eyes,Ā  so thatĀ“s why I have chosen this spot.

The painting experience was also very Italian, It was afternoon and I was between a bar with icecreams & co and the window of a bikini shop… when I stated painting it was still too early for having people around, but at 16:00 the shopsĀ  opened and the world came out. ItĀ“s a proof of focus, like a shaolin monk, to paint in that confusion with comments, kids, icecreams, and all the possible humanity but I can say I didnĀ“t enjoy it.

Usual 24×30 cm oil

Corso del popolo – a view from an Italian bar

One of the first paintings done in Chioggia, the corso is just very pretty and here we choose a particularly comfortable situation …we painted from the bar tables just in front of the subject, with the great advantage to sit, having been served coffee and wine.

At the end of the session, I went inside the bar to pay and one man asked me to portrait him next time I would have been thereā€¦ ok, I said, next time for sure

Oil painting 24x30cm