Some weeks ago this little painting was shown in a group exhibition in Milan – theme was love and the work was done for this purpose.

Frankly speaking i could not imagine a romantic love picture therefore I went back to my memories and found and old photo which depicts strong friendships feelings with an impossible tight hug and smiling eyes

That is love for sure, without compromise and expectation – just lived in that moment of life where all is possible.

Oil on panel 30×30 cm

Mr Ben – Munich life

One of the last plein air painting of this season for me, this small work was created on a Sunday morning in Munich. People living in that area use to sit outside the cafes as soon as the sun in shining and enjoy a slow brunch.

Mr ben is also one of my favorite place for coffee, they know how to make a good espresso and this is crucial for my Italian soul… this is my tribute to my weekend cappuccino

Oil on panel 30×30 cm

A little portrait

I am not going to tell much about this portrait apart that i had the luck to have this pretty lady as a model for a spontaneous photo shooting some time ago.

A lovely subject and a beautiful light so I decided to try it out ☺️

Moreover It was so nice to have a gesture in a portrait and a little story to tell, I really enjoyed it.

Oil on panel 30×40 cm

Nothing spectacular

A fairly small plein air painting, created some weeks ago in a quiet Sunday afternoon in Munich (Amalienpassage). I am lately very much attracted by the silent beauty that can be found in usual places. Looking for a convenient spot to set my easel, those two geishas posters and the red of the ahorn 🍁 looked so perfect, i just stopped and painted the harmony I felt in that moment.

The not so intense sunshine and the gray tones fascinated me.

Beauty is oft so close….to me a comforting certainty

(Oil on panel 24x30cm – posters are advertising a Sushi restaurant, the red tree is possibly not related)

Early evening walk

This is the first painting of a series I am planning to do based mainly on photo reference and memories of the place.

I love those left side areas of the town where i come from…there is nothing pretty and the half used half abandoned industrial buildings seem to be the new owners.

Every scars and scratch is there to be seen but the warm light makes the miracle and a story can be told. The beauty appears to the eyes in the hinterland.

Oil on canvas 50×70 cm


Sometimes It happens, I believe that a painting is done and after looking at it on the wall I discover that more is required…the time finishes it showing me what to do 😊

Every time I am in Vienna, I sneak in this place just to smell the scent of the cakes and enjoy a good coffee. It is for sure a touristic place but i love this Konditorei where you can see those “sweet artists” working decorating cakes and every kind of wonderful creations. Especially the calm atmosphere, the precision and concentration of this gesture captured my attention – I find them simply beautiful.

Oil painting on canvas 60×70

Short stories… so it continues

I find really interesting to work for theme, especially to try to captures moments and find a kind of correlation between them.

The three small oil paintings (30x30cm) are part for me of a unique idea, they represent the special soul link that exists between women…different from a simple friendship, sharing similar view point and feelings make them strong.

I hope those small paintings transmit a bit of the uniqueness of those moments: regardless of chatting, listening to someone out of the scene, choosing from a menu the girls are deeply together.

There is another aspect I love in this subject, women are beautiful exactly captured in their daily life…against all the pictures of sexy girls, models like Barbie dolls to please someone else, a narrow view on the female universe. I hope you enjoy it, I did while painting them.

Cafes stories

This is the start of a small series of paintings dedicated to cafes and bars…the starting point is Vienna with two small pictures 20cm oil paintings on canvas.

Especially the atmosphere of those places is special, at day or night several stories happens. I like to observe people and to imagine how the destiny of each individual is related ( or not) to the others.

They are like crossroads where people stop for a moment to rest and reflect, where life can happen… i think more paintings on this subject will follow.