My last painting is dedicated to Milano, the city where I come form.

The subject comes from a spontaneous random shot downtown – I loved the contrast between the grey and cold buildings against the sun reflecting on a glass building. By chance a nun passed but and she was for me the perfect character there. She has a difficult mission but she keeps moving on, one step after the other… regardless of the grey world, the cold, the age.

The perseverance and the ability to continue on a path when itˋs not easy and the outcome is uncertain.

It’s really not about religion but about attitude.

Oil on canvas 40×50 cm

An Italian Restaurant

A bigger work than usual ( about 50×60 cm oil on canvas) , the painting is inspired by a Raffaele Celentano´s B&W photo and by my memories of similar places.

I particularly enjoyed to imagine the colors and the warm sense of light in the restaurant and the evening just happening, leaving the last sunshine reflecting on the houses in the background. It is the prelude for a beautiful night.