About me

I draw since always, I started to deep dive in the wonderful subject of oil painting since 10 years and my love for it gets bigger every day.

A lot of time and dedication are required, even with the support of great artists as teachers, nothing can substitute the practice and the personal research in order to develop your own expression through painting.

Some of the recent results are presented here.

I love to work ‘from life’, most of the small formats are painted en plein air, like the impressionists with the easel on the street and the hat on: it is an intense way of working and it pushes me every time to capture the life around me in a short an spontaneous way, taking chances and overcoming the uncomfortable situation of being interrupted by the surrounding.

Most of the subjects are quite everyday scene, my aim is discovering beauty exactly where it is usually not seen – light, patterns and colors are leading this research, they create atmosphere and I see often a poetry which I try to capture in my paintings.

I hope you enjoy them and you see the beauty I found there when they were done.

In the past years I took part to several group exhibitions in Milano, Roma, Genoa and since 2020 I presented my work as single artist at ArtMuc in Munich.

Last show in 2022 was the ArtMuc participation in spring edition and an atelier show in Munich at Akthof.

This website has the purpose to share my work and let you follow this adventure.

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