“ I absolved my morning jogging round and on my way home,I nearly forgot it’s flee market day, I will have a short look.

How it can be so crowded here,… old stuff, granny stile robes, nothing practical… but, wait, look those plates with a thin golden profile. They are not even so ugly but for the dishwasher are not an option. So, let’s move on, I need a shower and a good coffee… but hey! Hold on, I don’t believe it! it can’t be true, look at what that girl has found…I need to watch it closer, if it is what I THINK…It must be MINE“

Oil on canvas 60×80 cm

I like the sense of life in market place’s scenes, the contrasts and the variety they offer. From a painting point of view, it is just fun to play with different surfaces, objects and people. The main challenge is to focus on a story, because the reality has so many suggestions that from one shot you could create many paintings.

Ink sketch on Moleskine

For this one I used a photo reference but to focus I had to pick up in an ink sketch a some interesting characters: the sporty lady there by chance, the deep into matters one and of the back what I called Mrs Magoo which I felt in love with. Diverse people, as much as flee market objects, captured at once, looking for their own personal treasure … I liked it so I took a 60×80 cm canvas and started to work.

Cafe’ Westend

Probably the last painting for 2019, inspired by a charming coffee shop in Vienna the Westend Cafe. I particularly enjoyed painting this subject from a random photo took last time I was in the city…the painting is freely inspired by the mood of a lazy wake up hours – there is a kind of promise in the morning hours when the day is open and in principle everything is still possible to happen…

The empty table is the expectations for something new to happen, the timeless place and people in the scene are witnessing the moment.

Oil on canvas 50×70 cm

Mr Ben – Munich life

One of the last plein air painting of this season for me, this small work was created on a Sunday morning in Munich. People living in that area use to sit outside the cafes as soon as the sun in shining and enjoy a slow brunch.

Mr ben is also one of my favorite place for coffee, they know how to make a good espresso and this is crucial for my Italian soul… this is my tribute to my weekend cappuccino

Oil on panel 30×30 cm

The bike

Painting in the city again, summer light in Munich and me looking for a story to tell.

This is in front of the University, holiday period so just few students there…all very quiet

But the yellow bike is waiting for someone and patiently enjoy the sunshine,

Who will pick it up?

I didn’t discover it while painting, it remains to your imagination

Oil painting on panel 25×30 cm

Early evening walk

This is the first painting of a series I am planning to do based mainly on photo reference and memories of the place.

I love those left side areas of the town where i come from…there is nothing pretty and the half used half abandoned industrial buildings seem to be the new owners.

Every scars and scratch is there to be seen but the warm light makes the miracle and a story can be told. The beauty appears to the eyes in the hinterland.

Oil on canvas 50×70 cm

Light and shade or my own infinity

I have not many words for this small oil painting (25x40cm), I loved the place and the light and the relaxed mood. The light and shade and the never ending view –

it reminds me poetry, Leopardi L’ infinito , the Infinity …

E il naufragar mi e’ dolce in questo mare’

Botanikum or the lemon tree

K800_IMG_4486 (Bearbeitet)

My weekend work, probably one of the last sessions of the year for plein air painting, I visited a friend of mine in her Atelier in the greenhouse @Botanikum in Munich. This is really a nice area where atelier and greenhouses are together…while artists inside expressed their creativity, I was in the garden looking for a nice impression, enjoying the afternoon sunshine. I saw the blue and the yellow ( lemon tree) -that is pretty rare subject for outdoor painting – there was not really, the need to continue the research.

The result is the picture above, oil painting on canvas 33x40cm and a lovely day for me as immediate reward.

The lovely place

Just a couple of words to comment this plain air painting of last week. I was with a friend at a lake and before approaching it we just noticed this green beauty, she wanted me absolutely to paint the ducks but even if you look very carefully you will not find them ( maybe they are behind the wooden box?).

In the extremely hot day, it was just refreshing to look at the beautiful green tones and observing the fight of the light against the shade of the trees. It was fun even without ducks …

Format is a bit bigger than usual 30x40cm