ArtMuc 2020

The last weekend I had the luck to participate to ArtMuc with some of my oil paintings. The experience has been intense and I feel some echos even with a week distance. Hard were the rules, Covid related, masks, longer opening but the effort was rewarded by many people visiting and a great exchange between artists.

Many are asking me now… how was it? So I decided to share some impressions from those days

We had super busy days and rush hours but also some minutes for sketching – a very subjective view on the event: artists waiting, people interested in art diving into it and others focused on their mobile

I am thankful to all the people that came and to whom I chatted with, for the comments and the feedbacks received and to all the artists I met there – amazing people. The organization is adding the possibility to virtually visit the show, a good opportunity to get a flavor of it if you missed it

To all – Stay safe and healthy!!!

Botanikum or the lemon tree

K800_IMG_4486 (Bearbeitet)

My weekend work, probably one of the last sessions of the year for plein air painting, I visited a friend of mine in her Atelier in the greenhouse @Botanikum in Munich. This is really a nice area where atelier and greenhouses are together…while artists inside expressed their creativity, I was in the garden looking for a nice impression, enjoying the afternoon sunshine. I saw the blue and the yellow ( lemon tree) -that is pretty rare subject for outdoor painting – there was not really, the need to continue the research.

The result is the picture above, oil painting on canvas 33x40cm and a lovely day for me as immediate reward.

Bar Centrale – Italy everywhere

Some friends asked me why it I am posting less paintings on the blog, the reason is that the canvas are getting bigger ( 1 meter x 70 cm circa) oil painting.

I worked in the studio with a B&W photo reference – ( thanks to Raffaele Celentano for the photo) …the amazing location is Munich and it is the most truly Italian corner in the city.

In this painting I tried to capture the lively mood that I could see in the reference and that I know from the bar itself. I like the idea of all those parallel stories happening simultaneously and to imagine some connections, that are not there but could be any second after.

Maybe it was too much phantasy while painting or the Don Giovanni I listened while working on it but I see Leporello, Masetto, Zerlina …

The North ( Germany)

After several Italian landscapes, a trip to Northern Germany gave me the chance to change subject… the plan was to try several plein air paintings, I did not really succeed in it- too much wind and rain and cold… typical weather apparently, not “Italian painter friendly”

If something more will come from the NordSee experience it will be rigorously from photos !

24x30cm oil on canvas

An Italian Restaurant

A bigger work than usual ( about 50×60 cm oil on canvas) , the painting is inspired by a Raffaele Celentano´s B&W photo and by my memories of similar places.

I particularly enjoyed to imagine the colors and the warm sense of light in the restaurant and the evening just happening, leaving the last sunshine reflecting on the houses in the background. It is the prelude for a beautiful night.

Canale San Domenico

I would like to share another memory of the plein air painting in Italy, fisher boat in warm afternoon light. The hotel was very close to the channel and I could eat the sounds of the boats during the night.

To complete the experience, while painting an ex fisherman explained me how a proper boat needs to be built, which shapes are good etc

My limited technical understanding and the strong venetian dialect prevented me to really get it and unfortunately I am not able to share this know how in the blog, just the painting remains ( 24x30cm).

Canal Vena – Chioggia

K800_IMG_3971 (Bearbeitet)

Colorful buildings and sunshine, that´s the memory of Canal Vena, Chioggia…and the nice habits to hang blankets outside.

During the painting session, I had some chat with people of the town – one kept on greeting me all the week I was there 🙂

I got an invitation to the art studio of a local painter ( with a lot of sunflowers on it) and some random comments. It´s part of the fun when you paint in the street to have a lot of feedbacks and to meet peculiar characters.

Venetian lagoon and the Pellestrina island

Another plein air oil painting from the week spent in Italy. This was such a pretty corner that i felt the “moral obligation” to try to capture it in my picture.

The location is a fisherman’s village on the Pellestrina Island ( Venice), I didn’t manage to meet the people living there… now I have to just imagine a funny story to tell about it😉 (25×30 cm)



A painting experiment, working on a photo not taken by me, from B&W into colors… I can´t resist chocolate not even in painting form, no other option than choosing this subject that i feel sooo close.

A big thank you to Raffaele Celentano for the beautiful shot that inspired this work – I ate so much chocolate ( real one ) after every painting session that is really good I finished it!

Oli on canvas 60×40 cm