My Polaroid

“ I double check the address and I am right, I didn’t expect to find this small house surrounded by other buildings. The appearance is quite modest and the garden surrounding it is wild and green like a Bavarian jungle. I have the task to get this ground, of course as cheap as I can – it looks like an easy job…we can build more apartments there, I will ring the bell…“

An old lady opened the door, deaf and suspiciously looking at the real estate agent…

Oil on panel 30x30cm 2021

Metropol Garage

‘ Her car is there so she must be at work, I can wait a little… I know we don’t have a date and I am not even sure she will be happy to see me here around but I must try it. She is so beautiful, I can’t wait days in the hope to meet her again at the coffee shop where we hada chat last week… why I didn’t ask her phone number?….I am such an idiot … now here I look like a stalker’. The Metropol Gar age door opened suddenly, there she was.’

Oil on panel 30×30 cm 2021


I painted both scenes in the last weeks, they are spontaneous works and have been painted outside on the spot, enplain air, like the impressionists used to do. This way of working requires speed and focus in the execution and the small format forces to take quite bold decisions on the subject and composition.

The old house is entirely painted with pallet knives for the simple reason I forgot the brush’s case at home that day, nevertheless I like how it turned out. The snapshots I decided to depict were impressing me for the light and the simplicity – I feel they are close to ‘real life’ with some imperfections and stories to tell.

very much Italy ( for me)


Here the last of the plein air painting done in Italy – the city is the same but the scene could happen in a lot ot Italian small towns in spring time. There is nothing really spectacular but I have my memories of “Italian living abroad” that makes it beautifuly to my eyes,  so that´s why I have chosen this spot.

The painting experience was also very Italian, It was afternoon and I was between a bar with icecreams & co and the window of a bikini shop… when I stated painting it was still too early for having people around, but at 16:00 the shops  opened and the world came out. It´s a proof of focus, like a shaolin monk, to paint in that confusion with comments, kids, icecreams, and all the possible humanity but I can say I didn´t enjoy it.

Usual 24×30 cm oil

Corso del popolo – a view from an Italian bar

One of the first paintings done in Chioggia, the corso is just very pretty and here we choose a particularly comfortable situation …we painted from the bar tables just in front of the subject, with the great advantage to sit, having been served coffee and wine.

At the end of the session, I went inside the bar to pay and one man asked me to portrait him next time I would have been there… ok, I said, next time for sure

Oil painting 24x30cm

Canale San Domenico

I would like to share another memory of the plein air painting in Italy, fisher boat in warm afternoon light. The hotel was very close to the channel and I could eat the sounds of the boats during the night.

To complete the experience, while painting an ex fisherman explained me how a proper boat needs to be built, which shapes are good etc

My limited technical understanding and the strong venetian dialect prevented me to really get it and unfortunately I am not able to share this know how in the blog, just the painting remains ( 24x30cm).

Venetian lagoon and the Pellestrina island

Another plein air oil painting from the week spent in Italy. This was such a pretty corner that i felt the “moral obligation” to try to capture it in my picture.

The location is a fisherman’s village on the Pellestrina Island ( Venice), I didn’t manage to meet the people living there… now I have to just imagine a funny story to tell about it😉 (25×30 cm)