It’s hot, Milano turns into a tropical city during summertime. Fog and cold are just memories, African heat and mosquitoes the reality.It’s midday sticky and empty streets…nobody would go out right now without a good reason, but I have one.Power walk modus, I need to reach the darsena as fast as I can.

Andrea will be waiting for me already, I didn’t expect her – she just texted ‘here I am, I want to see you. I don’t even know if I really want to meet her after that quarrel but she made it until here. We will have a coffee in this mezzogiorno di fuoco.

Oil on canvas 80x60cm

I love to paint evening and cosy light: this work dedicated to Milano was a bit a challenge, full sunshine in all its brutality. The city can be really hot in summer, you can look for shades, less physical action or air conditioning.This work is oli painting on canvas 60×80 cm. More will follow about Milano and Italy, I have memories and stories to tell.

Milano e i Navigli

One of the last painting ( oil on canvas 60x70cm), from a photo reference kindly provided by Raffaele Celentano and from my memories of the place.

The challenge was to transmit the impression of a place in Milano that I always particularly loved. The area is really lively, thanks to all the bar and restaurants there, still the charming side has to be found in this winter mood, slightly foggy, water in the channel and in the air.

The high season for the “Navigli” with tables outside the restaurants, full of chatting people is over, it remains Milano, with warm lights reflecting, smooth shapes, a city cold and warm at the same time, a bit shy maybe with a moderate elegance and a reserved attitude in sharing its feeling.

I hope you enjoy it.