The beach

From an Italian perspective (mine) the nord German beach landscape is really peculiar…even in high season all is relatively calm, the sun is not so hot, colors are light and fresh like the air of the Baltic sea…

It is even possible painting en plein air there during the day with few curious people only so I took the chance for a small 30x30cm oil painting

Hope you can feel a bit of fresh breeze

Under water

One of my last oil painting, bigger than usual (210×80 cm) about the beauty of the marine world.

Looking for photo references on the web I am reading about corals and sea life that is disappearing fast because of pollution, too warm water temperature, extreme fishing…

It makes me really sad this careless attitude of humans, beauty and life don’t count enough for too many people.

Luckily there are also ‘biologists with passion’ that fight to preserve this world, spreading information, pictures, taking care of corals population, i am extremely thankful to them for their work and dedication.

I hope you enjoy this painting 🐠🐠🐠