Saturday morning, weekly market day, it’s sunny and warm, all are out for business.

At the Würstelstand: 

„ ehhh man, you here too…come on sit here, yeah man, no I am waiting for nobody, you know, people are crazy, before all closed now, they come to the shop all at once and then the mask, can u breath with that on the nose? No right? Ahahah! so you put it there instead? Ah that’s it.

-I need a beer, you too right? Let me tell you really there is no other way to survive this damned world, -you made all right man, really,  I mean it ALLRIGHT but me I am the last fool …you see…but yesterday, you must see it, I found a rarity, let’s have another beer and I tell you“…

Something similar… so I imagine a possible discussion, with no real purpose than the excuse to have a drink.

As many of the latest photo reference on which I am working on, the city is Vienna. In his case it is not really important the specific place: the spontaneity of the characters and their gestures, a true moment and genuine subject, that’s what this work is about.

When I take photo references for painting, I let the camera free to scan the environment. The photos are usually not particularly good, I just shot randomly like I did for this reference at the marketplace not looking much at what is in the picture.

To zoom in and find stories is the fun part that follows later, the image is just an help to retain relevant details of life which serves my purpose to depict the reality with its imperfections and beauty.

Here I loved the light pattern, the triangles in the composition and the loose attitude of the men at the stand: a moment worth to be captured.

Cleaning up

It is since a while I was planning to continue painting some interiors, this subject has many aspects that I found interesting and funny to paint : the light – the morning sunshine entering the room creating a lot of reflections and a path for the eyes… the mirror that reveal part of reality usually not visible to the observer…and the cleaning lady. She prepares the table for the day, cleaning dust and dirty – a kind of white fee that with a simple work bring the world to shine.

I am fascinated by those usual scene so normal and so beautiful. I tried to paint loose and light not” to disturb her” in her work.

Cafe’ Westend

Probably the last painting for 2019, inspired by a charming coffee shop in Vienna the Westend Cafe. I particularly enjoyed painting this subject from a random photo took last time I was in the city…the painting is freely inspired by the mood of a lazy wake up hours – there is a kind of promise in the morning hours when the day is open and in principle everything is still possible to happen…

The empty table is the expectations for something new to happen, the timeless place and people in the scene are witnessing the moment.

Oil on canvas 50×70 cm


Some weeks ago this little painting was shown in a group exhibition in Milan – theme was love and the work was done for this purpose.

Frankly speaking i could not imagine a romantic love picture therefore I went back to my memories and found and old photo which depicts strong friendships feelings with an impossible tight hug and smiling eyes

That is love for sure, without compromise and expectation – just lived in that moment of life where all is possible.

Oil on panel 30×30 cm

Mr Ben – Munich life

One of the last plein air painting of this season for me, this small work was created on a Sunday morning in Munich. People living in that area use to sit outside the cafes as soon as the sun in shining and enjoy a slow brunch.

Mr ben is also one of my favorite place for coffee, they know how to make a good espresso and this is crucial for my Italian soul… this is my tribute to my weekend cappuccino

Oil on panel 30×30 cm

The bike

Painting in the city again, summer light in Munich and me looking for a story to tell.

This is in front of the University, holiday period so just few students there…all very quiet

But the yellow bike is waiting for someone and patiently enjoy the sunshine,

Who will pick it up?

I didn’t discover it while painting, it remains to your imagination

Oil painting on panel 25×30 cm

Early evening walk

This is the first painting of a series I am planning to do based mainly on photo reference and memories of the place.

I love those left side areas of the town where i come from…there is nothing pretty and the half used half abandoned industrial buildings seem to be the new owners.

Every scars and scratch is there to be seen but the warm light makes the miracle and a story can be told. The beauty appears to the eyes in the hinterland.

Oil on canvas 50×70 cm

Light and shade or my own infinity

I have not many words for this small oil painting (25x40cm), I loved the place and the light and the relaxed mood. The light and shade and the never ending view –

it reminds me poetry, Leopardi L’ infinito , the Infinity …

E il naufragar mi e’ dolce in questo mare’