Saturday morning, weekly market day, it’s sunny and warm, all are out for business.

At the Würstelstand: 

„ ehhh man, you here too…come on sit here, yeah man, no I am waiting for nobody, you know, people are crazy, before all closed now, they come to the shop all at once and then the mask, can u breath with that on the nose? No right? Ahahah! so you put it there instead? Ah that’s it.

-I need a beer, you too right? Let me tell you really there is no other way to survive this damned world, -you made all right man, really,  I mean it ALLRIGHT but me I am the last fool …you see…but yesterday, you must see it, I found a rarity, let’s have another beer and I tell you“…

Something similar… so I imagine a possible discussion, with no real purpose than the excuse to have a drink.

As many of the latest photo reference on which I am working on, the city is Vienna. In his case it is not really important the specific place: the spontaneity of the characters and their gestures, a true moment and genuine subject, that’s what this work is about.

When I take photo references for painting, I let the camera free to scan the environment. The photos are usually not particularly good, I just shot randomly like I did for this reference at the marketplace not looking much at what is in the picture.

To zoom in and find stories is the fun part that follows later, the image is just an help to retain relevant details of life which serves my purpose to depict the reality with its imperfections and beauty.

Here I loved the light pattern, the triangles in the composition and the loose attitude of the men at the stand: a moment worth to be captured.

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